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Vladimir Putin Net Worth

How rich is Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin net worth:
$70 Billion

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Vladimir Putin profile links

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Vladimir Putin net worth & biography:

$70 billion would make Vladimir Putin more affluent than Warren Buffet. It’d make him the 3rd wealthiest man on the planet! If $70 billion is a round number as well as the real amount is more like 78.2 billion then he’d really be the wealthiest man in the world. Putin’s dad was a conscript in the Navy and his mom worked in a factory. Little is known about Putin’s past other than it was probably poor.

Putin’s real net worth is a little controversy. In public interviews he’s outside right refused claims of his opulent riches. In fact he promises to make about $150,000 a year or so (in 2012 he maintained his income was $113,000). Rather poor. Virtually overly poor, pointed out one political adversary, seeing the 11 distinct high-end watches Putin continues to be seen wearing valued at about $700,000.

Throughout that time he was delegated to East Germany as element of Directorate S — the prohibited intelligence gathering unit of the KGB. His occupation was to recruit assets in Dresden and send them undercover in America. That means Putin was a complete on secret agent! Nevertheless, Putin at least downplays his secret agent profession saying Dresden was a backwaters duty he feared.

Other, unofficial reports and independent new sources asserts he possesses somewhat more than several shares in a parking garage. Not too shabby. Allowed a lot of the houses that Putin is permitted to stay in are official residences of the present head of state. Under Putin’s 12 years in power 20 villas and 9 palaces are constructed. Of his houses the most lavish is the 8 million square foot mountainside house looking out on the Black Sea in what some claim is a huge prohibited utilization of state resources to the tune of $1 billion dollars. Again, we’re not counting. Details regarding the palace are rare but doing the mathematics Michael Jordan’s Chicago home has 15 toilets and is 56,000 square feet. That works out to 1 toilet every 3,733 square feet of space. So at 8 million square feet we are able to work out that Putin’s palace has 2,143 toilets. What! Even though it’s just 1 toilet for every 5,000 square feet of space it’d end up having 1,600 toilets. It’s very possible that the new distinct constitution or a secret door was constructed in Putin’s official 833 square foot flat that,with all his riches has bat cave entries into his 29 other houses which are, only…uh, linked , and do not actually count. Whichever side is accurate, Forbes doesn’t record the politician on their list.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth $70 Billion

Is Vladimir Putin's Net Worth Deserved?

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