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Khun Sa Net Worth

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Khun Sa information

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Khun Sa net worth & biography:

He was born in Loi Maw of Mongyai. He was likewise dubbed the “Opium King” due to his opium trading in the so called Golden Triangle. He was likewise the leader of the Shan United Army as well as the Mong Tai Army.

Khun Sa was born into a Chinese father and a Shan mom. He adopted the pseudonym Khun Sa, meaning “Prince Prosperous”. In 1963 he reformed it right into a Ka Kwe Ye local militia loyal to Gen Ne Win’s Burmese authorities. Ka Kwe Ye received cash, uniforms and weapons in return for fighting the Shan rebels. When Khun Sa had enlarged his military to 800 men, he ceased working with all the Burmese authorities, took control of big region in Shan and Wa states and enlarged into opium production. In 1969, the Rangoon authorities seized him. He was freed in 1973 when his second in command abducted two Russian physicians and demanded his release. By 1976 he’d returned to opium smuggling, and set up a base inside northern Thailand in the hamlet of Ban Hin Taek. He renamed his group the Shan United Army and started apparently fighting for Shan autonomy from the Burmese authorities. In October 1981 a 39-man unit of Thai Rangers and Burmese guerrillas tried to assassinate Khun Sa in the insistence of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Khun Sa Net Worth $5 Billion Dollars

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