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Chuck Norris Net Worth

How rich is Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris net worth:
$70 Million

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Chuck Norris profile links

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Chuck Norris net worth & biography:

Norris is famous for starring in the long-running television seriesWalker, Texas Ranger. Norris is5’10and weighs170pounds. Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris was produced on March 10, 1940 in Ryan, Oklahoma. Norris’ dad was a mechanic and truck driver and his youth was nondescript. As an air officer he was sent to South Korea in 1958 and that is where he’d start training in martial arts. The air policeman would go on to found his own style of martial arts, called Chun Kuk Do. When he was dispatched in 1962, he’d start a chain of karate schools in Torrance, California that will include several star customers.

Norris would turn into a martial arts champ and was named the Combatant of the Year in 1969 by Black Belt Magazine. The exact same year he’d make his performing debut, alongside Dean Martin in The Wrecking Crew. He’d continue to take acting classes and got his first starring part in Breaker! Breaker! In 1977. His utility as a film star, nevertheless, took off with Missing in Action in 1984. It established a franchise with two sequels and made Norris the largest star of Cannon Films.

Norris would continue to star in a several movies through the 1980s but his popularity began to wane in the big screen so he transitioned to television in 1993 using the show Walker, Texas Ranger, which ran for 8 seasons. The show increased Norris’ celebrity, particularly among Christians and conservatives. He’s gone to become politically active, supporting several Republican nominees for office and writes a column for WorldNetDaily.com. Then he married a former version in 1998. He’s four kids, and nine grandchildren.

Chuck Norris’ Net Worth Could Get:

1. 1,069,078.9 Chuck Norris 5 Film Box Set ($24.32 each)
2. 1,303,258.1 12-inch Burnt Rattan Nunchucks ($19.95 each)
3. Chuck Norris has enough net worth to give every man in Nepal $1.

Chuck Norris Net Worth $70 Million

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